A Very Different Sort of Media

From Tyler Zahnke

Tyler Zahnke's A Very Different Sort of Media

Yes, this is Tyler Zahnke again! I've been doing comedy material since March 19, 2010. After two years, you'd expect me to have my first album out. Well, here it is; A Very Different Sort of Media. I have over twenty comedy bits, so I had to pick nine of my favorites and record them. So all of these tracks were recorded over a six-month period, from August 2011 to February 2012.

Track listing

All material written, produced and recorded by Tyler Zahnke. Some songs are parodies of other songs, and we have not asked permission from the publishers. There's an old cliche, parody is fair use.

  1. "Will You Delete this File Off my Drive?" (parody of "Believe" by Cher) 4:18
  2. "Bubbletank Films" (parody of "First Train Home" by Imogen Heap) 4:30
  3. "Wikia" (original song) 2:00
  4. "The Uncyclopedia Hillbillies" (parody of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song) 1:18
  5. "Lizzie and Imogen" (parody of "Building a Mystery" by Sarah McLachlan) 4:05
  6. "Tech Support Staff" (original song) 6:32
  7. "I. C. B. I." (original spoken-word comedy skit) 0:49
  8. "SoundCloud Song" (parody of Half Life by Imogen Heap) Amateur Demo Recording 4:23
  9. Autosake: The Unauthorized Autotune vs. Vocoder Story (original spoken-word comedy skit) 8:14

Obtaining a copy

Tyler Zahnke's A Very Different Sort of Media is temporarily unavailable due to server space and site maintenance. It was previously available as an mp3 zip, but that gives servers a hard time, so the album will be back in separate mp3, and probably rerecorded, or at least remastered, by then.

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